Solar Power Backup

Grittech provides the Solar Power Backup System in Botswana. This backup system is designed to supplement grid power. In the corporate setup, the Solar Power Backup System completely eliminates the effects of power cuts to businesses.

When installed as a backup, the energy from the Solar Power Backup System covers grid failure or load shedding that may occur.

This Solar Power Backup System also incorporates a generator.

When the grid fails, the Solar Power Backup System takes over. The main advantage with the Grittech’s Solar Power Backup System is that, in case the grid is off for a very long time and the battery reserves are depleted, the generator would then take over automatically.

Solar Power Backup Systems are a very popular alternative energy source for environment-friendly businesses.

Solar, generator and grid

An extensive Solar Power Backup System such as the one illustrated here guarantees a non-stop supply of energy. If for example, a grid failure occurs, the batteries are empty and at the same time there is a limited amount of solar energy available, the system will start the generator. As soon as the generator is not needed anymore, it will be stopped automatically.