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Solar energy company in Botswana

Grittech (Pty) Ltd trading as Specialized Solar Systems Botswana is one of Botswana’s top solar energy companies established in 2011.

Our speciality, solar energy, is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available, and Botswana is naturally placed as one of the highest solar energy receivers in the world.

Readily available solar energy anywhere in Botswana

Rapid technical progress means that solar energy in Botswana is now a readily available energy source. Using the most modern
technology, Grittech harnesses this energy for domestic, commercial or industrial use.


The general strategy of the company. Grit-Tech was established to be a one stop centre for all the goods and services that are
provided as per the line of trade therein attached.

Grit-Tech (Pty) Ltd shall be a Contemporary, Specialized and Responsible company that will contribute to the growth of the Economy of Botswana through the provision of world-class goods and services to diverse sectors of industry.

To provide modern goods and services at competitive prices and job creation.

Grit-Tech (PTY) LTD shall provide genuine aviation and avionics commodities, supply green energy equipment and products, supply agricultural, mining, medical, defence and security products, provide warehousing and other ancillary services at the highest level.

ISO ratings, SABS standards specifications applicable, etc

Company Slogan

“High Performance is Our Culture and Customer Satisfaction is Our Ultimate Goal”

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BPC Lesedi Franchise

Grit-tech is a BPC Lesedi (Botswana Power Corporation) franchisee since November 2011 covering the areas between the Dibete and Makoro cordon fences in the Central District and extending up to the Boteti in the North West District.

BPC Lesedi is a Botswana Government initiative run by the national power outfit, to provide off-grid electricity services within the existing rural grid electrification programme. Under the franchise, Grittech installs Solar Home Systems for individuals for their home electrification with a fixed monthly fee that is dependent on the type of system that one would have chosen. In addition, the project includes Government electrification projects like clinics and nurses’ homes in the rural areas.

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Solar technology skills transfer

Grit-tech in association with Specialized Solar Systems South Africa is setting up an assembly plant in Gaborone, Botswana for the manufacture of Direct Current (DC) Home Solar System Distribution Boxes.

Our objective is to establish our presence all over Botswana and train the local population to assemble and install solar systems. As a beneficial spin-off, this Skills Transfer will further contribute positively to society by creating jobs.

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